Dusty and Chantal

Dusty and Chantal met in a castle (true story) at North Point Bible College in New England in 2007. After graduating with bachelor’s degrees in biblical studies and leadership, the Holy Spirit took them on a crazy God-adventure. They have lived in 5 states, have 2 kids, and 3 chocolate labs. They have served in ministry for the past 15 years. Both are gifted communicators of the Gospel; believing and testifying that the Gospel is the dynamic and unparalleled power that saves and transforms lives. Over eight years ago, God called them to Shreveport, LA to serve as Lead Pastors of a local church. Now once again, God called them to step out in faith and plant a new church (Purpose Church) here in the Bossier City.

“Eternity is the word we kept hearing in our souls,” they said. “It’s not about building another religious building for traditional value; it’s about helping people discover their God-given purpose to walk with Him and empower them to live out their faith authentically.” (Dusty’s second master’s degree is in practical theology because he has a huge heart to help people authentically live the Bible in their everyday life.)

Dusty and Chantal are passionate about authenticity, especially concerning faith and living. They envision Purpose Church looking like their local Walmart, where anyone and everyone is welcome to encounter God. Together with their two young children, Ariella and Gabriel, their vision is that Purpose Church will be a multi-ethnic and multi-generational community. They want you to know you can belong even before you believe.